I have bred Western Hognose snakes since 1999, and what began as a curiosity in the specie, has grown into a near obsession.  The diversity of the collection continues to grow yearly, and new projects are ongoing.  Below is a list of those Western Hognose color phases and genetic morphologies I work with.  Take a few minutes to look around.  If you have any questions please contact me.

Amelanistic (Orange) - A beautiful albino that is a must for any hognose collection. I will produce a few of these this year from proven 100% heterozygous animals. Price depends on variability of individual animal and degree of color/ pattern: $350-750. Limited Availability.

Amelanistic (Normal) - Normal amelanistic version which as adults appear yellow in coloration: $350-500. Limited Availability.

Amelanistic (Extreme Red) - High contrast animals, and a must for serious enthusiasts’ collections.  I work with two different bloodlines: $800-1350.  Limited Availibility.

Amelanistic (Extreme Orange) - Incredible-looking snakes: $750-1300. Limited Availability.

Anaconda Phase- Lots of possibilities with these.  Co-Dominant trait, resulting in anacondas from the first breeding.  Prices vary widely depending on pattern, color and other genetic considerations.  Start at $1000.  Limitied Availability.

Anerythristic / Axanthic - Impressive-looking hognoses!  A must for creating Snow Western Hognoses.  A nice addition to collections for other projects as well.  Price varies depending on additional genetics such as animals heterozygous for, or possible heterozygous for amelanism: Starts at $1000.

Blondes - Nice, large, robust hognoses.  Wheat to high yellow ground color, normally with characteristic double dots running the length of snake that are yellow to light brown in color.  Some outstanding examples of this color phase are nearly patternless.  Varibility, with blondes being produced in first clutch by breeding with a normal: $100-250.

Gold Phase - Similar to the blonde phase.  Ground color gold, wheat, bronze.  Dorsal bars instead of dots that are bronze to green in appearance.  Reduced head markings also-interesting: $75-175.

Green Phase - I first produced these in 2002 by crossing a nice green male to a light phase female. Since then I have produced better examples of these through selective breeding to bring out the green even more. Fantastic snakes—very hardy. $75-175 each

Hypomelanistic - Incredible-looking snakes. Should produce a few of these this year, and will also have some possible double hets, and hets. available. These are a fantastic high-contrast snake that must be seen to be believed. From Evans/ Lazik lines.  Price depends on pattern and color contrast: $400-1200.

Lavender - Coming Soon.

Pink Pastel Albino (Amelanistic) - A great addition to hognose collections, these are also possible heterozygous for hypomelanism.  Very limited availability:  Possible Double Hets.: $400.  Pink Pastel Albino: $1500.

Red x Blonde Phase - This is an obvious pairing, resulting in large, robust animals exhibiting good oranges and reds.  I have produced these for the last six years and have been nicely surprised with the results.  Price depends on pattern and color intensity: $125-275.

Red Phase - Nice color morph.  I am working with several different bloodlines.  Nice to use for enhancing reds of amelanistic projects and hypos: $85-250.

Snows - Incredible! Must see to believe.  A combination of both amelanism and anerythristic genes. Heterozygous: $1250. Snows: $7500.

Yellow Phase - A nice color phase.  Adds color to any collection with the first clutch.  Nice to pair up with other color phased animals: $75-150.

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